Resolving conflict: The quickest path to forgiveness is the RIGHT apology

Have you made these 3 apology mistakes?

Mistake #1 Using the words “I am sorry you feel that way” in the apology

What to do instead? Just say I am sorry. When you present the apology in a conditional way, people can’t receive it.

Mistake #2 saying “If I said that, I am sorry”

What to do instead? When you start with “If I said” people feel like you don’t believe them. Remember perception is 90% of reality. Trust that whether you meant to say it the way you did, that is the way they heard it.

Mistake #3 assuming the way you apologize is the right way.

What to do instead? There are different languages of apology. People need to feel the apology in the “right way” for them in order to accept it. For some that is simply owning up. For others, it is enough to say ‘I am sorry” while others need you to say “will you please forgive me.? Ask what the person needs to hear from you to make it right.

Conflicts can be resolved quickly when you follow the proven methods. My book “Releasing The Chains: Timeless Wisdom On How To Forgive Anyone For Anything” can help you resolve conflicts quickly and more effectively. To get your copy click here “Releasing The Chains”

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