My boss is creating a TOXIC WORK ENVIRONMENT

I can’t tell you how many times I am engaged in workplace conflict management training or mediation, when an employee will ask this question. What if the boss is part of the problem?

Unfortunately, all too common in workplaces everywhere, bosses are indeed a big part of the organizational conflict. Sometimes through simply ignoring the problem or taking sides. But all to often, it is more complicated. There management style is toxic and contributing to the organizational conflict and strife.

What are the attributes of a toxic leader?:

Oppositional behavior.
Plays corporate power politics.
An overcompetitive attitude to other employees.
Perfectionistic attitudes.
Abuse of the disciplinary system (such as to remove a workplace rival).
A condescending/glib attitude.
They are shallow and lack self-confidence, and become aggressive to cope.
Poor self-control and/or restraint.
Physical and/or psychological bullying.
Procedural inflexibility.
Discriminatory attitudes (sexism, etc.).
Causes workplace division instead of harmony.
Use “divide and rule” tactics on their employees.

When your boss is contributing to the organizational conflict and exhibiting these behaviors it can be a painful place to work. Your remedy in these situation is to go to human resources or their supervisor if individual confrontation with your supervisor has been ineffective.

The bottom line is toxic leadership behavior is abusive and not acceptable leadership practice, and if not corrected will quickly cause discord and negatively impact the organizations mission and productivity.

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