Confrontation: The quickest path to forgiveness

Very few people like confrontation. It is uncomfortable and can get ugly if the person isn’t okay with being confronted, so we need to confront in a way that is gentle. Letting people know they have hurt you can be received with defensiveness, criticism or even abuse. At times, reconciliation will only come, when both parties admit their level of wrong doing in the situation. In everyday life, rarely is one person completely responsible for strained relations. Often, there are mutual hurts. So, you must be willing to repent of your wrong as well. Only when both have been repentant of their wrongdoing can true reconciliation happen.

Many times, people have no idea they have caused hurt. It is the most honorable thing to go to them, allowing them the opportunity to repent so the relationship can be restored.

Sometimes, a professional counselor or mediator can be helpful in resolving the issue. It can level the playing field, especially where there is a power imbalance in the relationship. In both situations, the professional will help with identifying the hurts suffered, facilitation of the validation of hurts on both sides (where appropriate) and leading to repentance, forgiveness on both sides, and then reconciliation where appropriate. In situations where people are unavailable or unsafe, confrontation is not possible.

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