Conflict Avoidance: Why avoiding the problem is making it worse

How often have you thought that if you just avoided talking about a conflict with someone you live or work with, that it would go away? But the question is, did it really go away? Most likely you just prolonged the issue until you had another run in with that person.

Unresolved conflict is like a festering wound that never heals. Like a real physical wound, if it doesn’t heal, it will likely become infected. The same thing happens when there is a conflict that isn’t dealt with. It will likely become a root of bitterness that continues to foster.

So, avoiding the conflict is the last thing you can do, unless it is something small. If it is a small thing, then just let it go. But if it isn’t easy to get over, then you have got to deal with it.

The best way to deal with the conflict is through a conversation with the person who hurt you. It may be uncomfortable, but when done effectively it can be the fastest path to finding resolution and ultimately giving you the peace that you desire.

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