Building Bridges Between Cultures

I saw this article today about one Israeli man trying to make a difference. Like the rest of the world, he has been watching tensions escalating between Israel and Iran’s leadership and wanted to reach out via facebook and let Iranians know the Israeli people want to be friends. There is power in one person taking such a step that can impact nations, just as this story was featured on CNN Israeli reaches out to Iran.

I was facilitating a religious dialogue in the United Arab Emirates in February with women from many nations, including Morocco, and Iran. I was heart broken to hear the Iranian women share how the sanctions are effecting the Iranian people and how many in Iran are just waiting for the US or Israel to attack them. It saddened me that this is the fate the Iranians are expecting for themselves.

Maybe this mans simple actions can make a difference. Because an Iranian posted this response through a Youtube video Iranian reaches out to Israeli

Imagine if we all reached out this way to people, what an amazing world we would live in.

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